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Inter-State Movement of Goods

This Directorate has been entrusted with the responsibility of compilation and publication of Inland Trade Statistics by Rail and River since 1917. From the year 1991-92 compilation of data on inland trade by air has also been added. The primary sources of the statistics are the returns received from the different Railway Zones, CIWTC, Kolkata and Indian Airlines and other private airlines at present.  The data published in this volume relate to quantity figures of 70 selected commodities/commodity groups moved by inland rail and river amongst 37 different trade blocks of India. Each State is treated as an individual trade block. And with a view to trace the foreign imports to their places of consumption and exports from their places of production some of the important sea port towns/cities are segregated from the maritime states and identified as additional and independent trade blocks resulting in a total of 37 trade blocks.

The Rail-borne trade data is represented in two different forms. The first is a 37 X 37-matrix representation of individual commodity-wise quantity in prescribed unit (in quintal) moved between the 37 trade blocks. The second is the presentation of state-wise inward and outward consignments of 70 selected commodities/commodity groups.

This publication also contains cargo movement by air from Airport to Airport and also State to State within the country through Indian Airlines as well as some private airlines.

The summary of river borne trade is represented separately in an identical method akin to the rail, as the volume is negligible.


Periodicity: The publication is compiled annually on financial year basis.

Availability: Copies of the publication are available at the offices of

1) Controller of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110 054 on payment of the requisite amount in the form of bank draft in his favour or may be obtained from the Book Depots/Agents authorized to sale Govt. of India Publications.

 2) Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, 565, Anandapur, Ward No.:108, Plot No.:22, Sector-I, Kolkata – 700 107 on payment of the requisite amount mentioned against each of the above publication along with Speed Post charges of Rs. 50/ - or Air Mail Charges Rs. 100/-  per CD in the form of Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of “Director General, Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, Kolkata” on any Kolkata (West Bengal) based Bank.

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