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Page last modified on : 04/May/2018

Abbreviation of Quantity Denominations

Amps Ampere(s)
Bq/g Beequeral per gram
Cc Cubic centimeter
Cg Centigram(s)
Ci/g Cuire per gram
C.I.F Cost, Insurance and Freight
c/k Carats (1 metric carat=2 x 10-4 kg)
cm Centimetre(s)
cm2 Cubic centimeter(s)
dyne/Cm Dyne per centimeter(s)
g Gram(s)
g/cm3 Gram per cubic centimeter
gi F/S Gram of fissile isotopes
g/m2 Gram per square metre
g.v.w Gross vehicle weight
HP Horse Power
K cal/Kg Kilocalorie per Kilogram
Kg Kilogram(s)
KPa Kilo Pascal
kPa. m2/g Kilo Pascal square metre per gram
kN/m  Kilo Newton per metre
kVA Kilovolt Ampere(s)
kvar Kilovolt ampere reactive(s)
kW Kilo Watt
l Litre(s)
m Metre(s)
m2 Square metre(s)
m3 Cubic metre(s)
mm Millimetre(s)
mN Milli Newton
Mpa Milli pascal
Mt Metric tonne
MW Mega Watt
N/m Newton per metre
pa Number of pairs
Rs Rupees
Sq Square
SWG Standard Wire Gauge
T Tonne(s)
Tu Thousand in number
u Number
US$ US Dollar
V Volt(s)
Vol Volume
W Watt
1000kWh 1000 kilowatt hours