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Page last modified on : 21/Jun/2018

Statistics of Customs & Excise Revenue Collection of the Indian Union

The Statistics on India's Custom and Excise Revenue collections are available in this publication. The basic documents for compilation of statistics of Custom & Excise Revenue collections are received from the Directorate of Data Management, Central Excise & Customs, New Delhi. The following information is presented in a tabular form:

a) Collections under Customs Duties in respect of Imports and Exports, Cesses on Exports and Other Receipts , Refunds, Drawbacks according to major commodities (Budgetary Heads) as well as Commissionerates.

b) Collections in respect of articles liable to Union Excise Duties as in the first schedule to the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944 with subsequent amendments by the Finance bill, 1979 and other changes made.

c) Excise revenue collections, refunds and Gross Excise Revenue collections by Central Excise Commissionerates.


Periodicity: The publication is compiled annually on financial year basis.

Availability: Copies of the publication are available at the offices of

1) Controller of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110 054 on payment of the requisite amount in the form of bank draft in his favour or may be obtained from the Book Depots/Agents authorized to sale Govt. of India Publications.

2) Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, 565, Anandapur, Ward No.:108, Plot No.:22, Sector-I, Kolkata – 700 107 on payment of the requisite amount mentioned against each of the above publication along with Speed Post charges of Rs. 50/ - or Air Mail Charges Rs. 100/-  per CD in the form of Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of “Director General, Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, Kolkata” on any Kolkata (West Bengal) based Bank.

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