Indian Trade Journal

The Journal :

In order to keep the Indian trading community informed about the latest business opportunities in India and abroad, the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics (D.G.C.I. & S.) brings out the Indian Trade Journal, a weekly publication.  It is brought out every Wednesday. This unique govt. of India publication is the only official journal for publication of tenders of all government of India organisations. The Journal is being published since 1906.

As per Rule 150 of    GFR of Govt. of India (Para 29 of the Annexure to Chapter 8), The Indian Trade Journal should be regarded as the standard medium of public advertisements in India. Hence, the Indian Trade Journal (I.T.J.) is the standard medium as well as compendium of tender notices meant for purchase of stores for use in public service. For export promotion, the I.T.J. incorporates news capsules on policies, both Indian and Foreign, affecting India’s foreign trade.

As a part of the trade promotion activities, the Indian Trade Journal also publishes various informative sections every week that are of interest to the commercial world.

Editorial Authority: The D.G.C.I. & S. is the editorial authority for the Indian Trade Journal.

Publisher: As per the rules laid down by the Government of India, the Controller of Publications, Civil Lines, Delhi : 110 054,(Tel No. 011-23812527, FAX : 011-23817846) is the official publisher of the I.T.J. All communications of business nature, e.g., those relating to subscriptions, payment of advertisement charges and tender bills should be addressed to that office with due intimation to this Directorate.


Source : Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Last Updated on 01-12-2017